What is “Moomba Manor?”

It’s an online website/blog created and hosted by myself (Katie Stewart), in which I do reviews on TV shows, movies, video games, and manga. I also do Let Play’s every now and again.

Who are you?

I’m Katie Stewart, and I’m the host of this site, and a reviewer. I do video reviews on TV shows and movies, may they be animated or live-action. I also analyze manga as well as do written reviews on video games.

Where does “Rez Strife” or “Rezzle” come from?

When I was in middle school, a couple of my friends and I tried to write a story about us being space cops. While I thinking about what my character’s name would be, I was playing a video game called “Gex.” When the villain, Rez, appeared, I thought that would be a cool name for my character. As I was thinking about giving my character a last name, I was looking around my room when I saw the strategy guide for Final Fantasy 7 laying on the floor. Seeing the picture of the main character, Cloud Strife, from that game, I decided that my character’s last name would be “Strife.” As we were writing the story, one of my friends started calling me “Rezzle” until she moved while we were in high school.

What is that cat creature that you use as your avatar in your videos?

It’s a moomba.

What is a “moomba?”

A moomba is a cat creature for Final Fantasy 8. It also appears in Final Fantasy 10 as a doll.

I like your reviews, and want to donate. So, where to I sent my donates?

If you want support my reviews, you can send money through PayPal (click here) or be my patron at Patreon (click here). If you want to mail me something to review or sent a gift, you have wait until you see me at a convention or whenever I get a P.O. box. Right now, I’m living with family members, and don’t want to give their address out.

Do you upload your videos on just one video sharing site or on multiple sites?

I do upload my videos on multiple sites. They’re on Dailymotion, vid.me, and Vimeo. I do upload on YouTube where I have two channels: rezstrife (where I upload Rezzle’s Review and Rez Strife’s Anime Reivew) and rezzleLP (where I upload Read Little by Little and my Let’s Play)

Do you have any social media?

I do have a Facebook page and Twitter account. However, I mostly use them to let people know when I post a review or a let’s play on this site.

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    • I’m aware that you nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, and I thank you for that. However, I’m not the type of person who mentions it on a public forum like my site. Plus, I’m a very private person, and I feel really uncomfortable listing a few things about myself online. Also, I don’t follow a lot of blogs, if not any. So, I have no one to nominate. I hope you will understand, and happy new year.

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