First Impression: Black Butler: Book of Circus episode 1


The episode starts with a glimpse of a ten year old Ciel being tortured by a mysterious cult. After being tortured, he is approach by Sebastian in his demon form. We jumped to the Phantomhive Estate where a thirteen year old Ciel is expecting guests for a business meeting that night. While making preparations for the meeting, Sebastian fixes the mistakes made by the other servants as usual.

Later at night, Lau and Ran-Mao arrive with Cedric Brandel, a businessman who claims that he wants to discuss business with Ciel. However, Cedric intends to have Ciel killed since Ciel’s position as the Queen’s watchdog is interfering with his illegal arms trade. When he orders his men to attack during the meeting, Cedric learns that Sebastian had dealt with them earlier that day and he quickly learns not to mess with the Queen’s guard dog.

After the meeting, Lau delivers Ciel an invitation to the Circus that just arrived in the city. The episode ends with Sebastian putting Ciel to sleep, eagerly waiting for the day when he will accomplish his part of the bargain with his master and claim his soul in return.


My Thoughts

This episode is what I aspect from Black Butler. However, this is the first episode in this series that made me want to pee my pants in fear by end of the episode. The animation feels the same from the previous seasons, and most of the Japanese actors return to reprise their roles.

I have to say that this episode is written very well. During the preparations for the meeting, the viewers are unaware of Sebastian dealing with Cedric’s men until he mentions it at the meeting. The audiences then thinks back earlier in the episode and they notice the little hints.

Now some of you are wondering if I see this season of Black Butler as a continuation of the previous seasons or its own installment to the series. I have to say it’s hard to tell by this episode alone, but I can see this season as a stand alone installment.

One comment on “First Impression: Black Butler: Book of Circus episode 1

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