First Impressions: Yuri!! on Ice episodes 1 – 9




After graduating college and was greatly defeated at the Grand Prix finals, Yuri Katsuki returns home. Due to his lost at the Grand Prix, he questions himself on if he should continue as a pro figure skater or not. As he visits Yoko, his childhood friend, at an ice skating rink, he mimics a skating routine that his idol, Victor Nikiforov, had performed.


The next day, Yuri discovers that Yoko’s daughters had secretly recorded his performance, and had uploaded it to the internet. The video catches Victor’s attention. After watching it, he decides to travel to Japan, and becomes Yuri’s coach.


My Thoughts

I have to admit that, when I first hear of the title of this show, I thought it was going to be about lesbians since “yuri” is used to describe anime, manga, and other entertainment media that deal with attraction between women. However, when I read the show’s summary, I realized that was about male figure skating.


With that said, I normally don’t watch a lot of sport anime since I’m not really into sports. In spite of this, I decided to give this show a shoot since I don’t recall any anime that centers on figuring skating. And it isn’t that bad. In fact, I found myself enjoying it, and laughing at some moments.


The characters, in my option, are what really steal the show. Each character has a few goofy moments. Even the serious ones get a few. When they do get silly, I can’t help but laugh. Now, I don’t normally ship characters together. However, I really want Yuri and Victor to get together. They have a good chemistry. Also, I believe they help bring the best out of each other. An example of this is that Victor, in his own way, helps Yuri gain some self-confess while Yuri had inspired Victor to be a coach.

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