R.I.P Robin Williams


On August 11th, a shining star had fainted. The actor and comedian, Robin Williams, has committed suicide at the age 63. He made us laugh and feel warm inside through his performances on film and on stage. His sudden death has not only affected his family and friends but his fans as well. Robin Williams is one of the rarest performers out there. He is the master of improve, and always puts 120% in each performance no matter how bad the film is. Robin, wherever you are, I hope you are making anyone around you laugh.


R.I.P. JewWario


Early today, I caught wind of the death of Justin Carmical. For those who don’t know who he is, he is known as JewWario online, and he reviews import Japanese video games that people can play without knowing any Japanese. Justin took his own life on January 23, 2014 at the age of 42. His wife, Jenny Valentine, had said on Facebook:

“He knew I loved him, He knew all of you loved him. You all made him so happy, every time he was recognized from his videos, it made him giddy with joy.” 

Although I never met or knew him personally, I do wish I had. He seems like a fun guy to know and/or be friends with. His family will be my prayers. Rest in Peace, JewWario. You will be miss by your fans and fellow reviewers.