First Impressions: Servamp episode 1



Shirota Mahiru is a teenager who likes simple things, and don’t like difficult things. One day, he takes in a black stray cat, and names him Kuro. After hearing from a friend that there is a vampire attacking some people, Mahiru finds a guy in his home. It turns out that this guy is the stray that Mahiru had taken in. To top it off, Kuro is a vampire who turns into a cat when he’s in sunlight. When Mahiru says Kuro’s name when he’s in his human form, it cases a temporary contract between the two. Kuro finally explains that he’s servant vampire – servamp for short.


My Thoughts

What can I say about this episode? No, seriously. What can I say about this episode? Sure, it does an okay job of setting up the premise for the show. Besides that, it’s just okay. There’s nothing that stands out, but there’s nothing wrong with it. It might take me a few more episodes to see if Servamp is really my type of tea.

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